Too Fit To Fracture: Exercise Recommendations For Individuals With Osteoporosis Or Osteoporotic Vertebral Fracture


Osteoporosis International

Date Published

27 November 2013


L. M. Giangregorio, A. Papaioannou,  N. J. MacIntyre, M. C. Ashe, A. Heinonen, K. Shipp, J. Wark, S. McGill, H. Keller, R. Jain, J. Laprade, A. M. Cheung


A consensus process was conducted to develop exercise recommendations for individuals with osteoporosis or vertebral fractures. A multicomponent exercise program that includes balance and resistance training is recommended. Point estimates of the effects of exercise on falls, fractures, and Bone Mineral Density vary according to exercise type. There is not enough evidence to quantify the risks of exercise in those with osteoporosis or vertebral fracture.  The exercise recommendations for exercise in individuals with osteoporosis or osteoporotic vertebral fracture are conditional. The panel strongly recommends a multicomponent exercise program including resistance and balance training for individuals with osteoporosis or osteoporotic vertebral fracture. The panel recommends that older adults with osteoporosis or vertebral fracture do not engage in aerobic training to the exclusion of resistance or balance training. 

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