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bone development

Do All Bones Develop At The Same Rate?

Bone development and regeneration happens throughout our lives and peak during adolescence. Though the growth of bones occurs from infancy through early adulthood, not all …

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reasons for back pain

What Are The Common Reasons For Back Pain In Women?

Back pain is something that almost all women experience. In some cases, it’s mild and goes away with rest. Sometimes back pain persists or is …

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side effects of bisphosphonates

What Are The Side Effects Of Bisphosphonates?

Bisphosphonates are medications that are commonly used to manage osteoporosis and osteopenia. Some of these drugs are Alendronate, Risedronate, Ibandronate, and Zoledronic Acid. The side …

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autoimmune disorders

What Are Autoimmune Disorders And How Can They Affect Your Bones?

Disorders affecting the bones and joints generally fall into three categories;  inflammatory, degenerative, and autoimmune.  Autoimmune disorders of the bones tend to be chronic and …

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what is menopause

What Is Menopause And How Does It Affect Your Health?

Menopause can be a  challenging phase in a woman’s life. It marks the end of the menstrual cycle. Women experience several symptoms, in varying intensities, …

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Lumbar Spondylosis

What Is Lumbar Spondylosis? Why Does It Occur?

Back pain, especially pain in the lower back is common in women of all ages.  If low back pain occurs frequently or persists, it is …

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What Is Lupus And How Does It Affect The Joints?

More common in women than men, lupus is a rare disorder known to cause chronic joint pain. An early diagnosis of lupus can mean early …

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Treatments For Rheumatoid Arthritis

What Are The Best Treatments For Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a common autoimmune disorder and can cause significant immobility. Joint pain caused by this condition can significantly reduce a person’s quality …

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treatments for osteoarthritis

What Are The Best Treatments For Osteoarthritis Of The Knees And Hips?

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease and a leading cause of disability. This condition generally affects weight-bearing joints like the knees and hips. As a …

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Why Would A DEXA Scan Show Different Results For Each Part Of My Body?

A DEXA scan is one of the latest diagnostic tools that can help in the diagnosis of bone diseases including osteopenia and osteoporosis. It is …

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herbal remedies to improve bone health

11 Best Herbal Remedies To Improve Bone Health

A balanced diet and regular exercise are the 2 vital keys to staying fit and healthy. These are the natural ways to prevent any disorder …

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Bone scans

Are Bone Scans Ever Wrong And What Are The Causes Of Errors In Results?

Bone scans are frequently performed to diagnose bone and joint diseases. The scan is an imaging test that uses a radioactive tracer to reveal bone …

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