Exercise And Nutritional Approaches To Prevent Frail Bones, Falls And Fractures: An Update



Date Published

08 Feb 2017


R. M. Daly


Osteoporosis (low bone strength or frail bones) and sarcopenia (low muscle mass, strength and/or impaired function) often co-exist (hence the term ‘sarco-osteoporosis’) and have similar health consequences with regard to disability, falls, frailty and fractures.

There is considerable evidence to support the role of exercise and nutrition, particularly vitamin D, calcium and protein, as strategies to prevent and/or manage osteoporosis, sarcopenia and falls. Not all forms of exercise are equally effective.  Currently, however, targeted multimodal programs incorporating traditional and high-velocity traditional progressive resistance training in combination with a diverse range of moderate and odd-impact weight-bearing exercises and challenging balance/mobility activities appear to be most effective for optimizing multiple musculoskeletal and functional outcomes in older people. 

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