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pagets disease

Paget’s Disease: What Women Should Know

Paget’s disease is a rare and chronic disorder affecting the skeleton. It is more common in older people, though it can affect younger people as …

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role of immune system

5 Important Role Of Immune System In The Development Of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a common joint disorder that can affect women over 50 years old. As a person ages, the symptoms of this disease can become …

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intermittent fasting

How Intermittent Fasting Can Help Women Develop Healthy Bones

Intermittent fasting is a unique eating pattern that involves alternate periods of fasting and eating. Intermittent fasting has emerged as one of the most popular …

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bone building exercises

4 Best Bone Building Exercises: Make Your Bones Stronger

Everyone knows that regular exercise is vital at every age. But did you know that exercise can improve bone health and slow the development of …

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bone mineral density test

The Bone Mineral Density Test: Why and When You Need

A bone mineral density test is a diagnostic tool used for detecting osteopenia and osteoporosis. These disorders are characterized by bone weakness. Weak bones are …

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Interesting Facts Women Must Know About Gout And Its Effect On Their General Health

Gout is a form of arthritis that occurs due to inflammation in the joints. This condition is prevalent in both men and women. Though the …

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care of your bones in 20s

Taking Care Of Your Bones In Your 20s To Be Active When You’re Older

“Osteoporosis? I am just 20!”  Most women think there is time to worry about osteoporosis when they are young, just in their 20s or 30s. …

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how do kidneys affect the bones

How Do Kidneys Affect The Bones In Women: Important to Know

Kidneys and bones seem like two unrelated and entirely different organs having a different set of functions. Yes, it is agreed that kidneys help in …

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osteoporosis treatment

Latest Advancements In The Field Of Osteoporosis Treatment And Prevention

For years, osteoporosis was thought to be a condition in which the bones lose density and become fragile due to aging and a lack of …

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accessories for joint pain

6 Best Accessories For Joint Pain [Women Should Use]

What are the best accessories for joint pain? Joint pain is very common in the aging population. Osteoarthritis, a disorder caused due to the wear …

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knee replacement

What Is Knee Replacement? The Pros And Cons Of Knee Replacement Step-by-Step

Knee replacement is a surgical procedure that involves the replacement of a knee joint affected by osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis tends to progress more rapidly in women …

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bone health related glossary

Glossary of the Terminologies Related to Bone Health

A glossary is a dictionary of terms specific to a certain subject. In this bone health related glossary you can quickly look up all those …

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