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Collagen for bones

The Critical Importance of Vital Collagen for Bones and Joints

We all know the bones and joints of the body are super important when it comes to enjoying our favorite activities but did you know how important collagen for bones really is?  Healthy joints and bones allow for comfortable, precise and powerful movement. This is true whether we’re at home or out enjoying a round …

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Photo of a person in a DEXA scan machine

What is a DEXA scan and Who Should Get One?

Medical terminology can often be confusing and difficult to understand for the average person. For example, do you know the answer to the question “What is a DEXA scan?”  Or  what the results are used for, and whether or not you should have one? Like many medical procedures a DEXA scan is a powerful diagnostic …

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Example of an older asian woman at risk for osteoporosis

Smoking and Osteoporosis: What You Can Do Today

As you get older, the effects of smoking on your body become more obvious than they used to. Even though many of them are reversible, preventive awareness is highly necessary for making lifestyle-related decisions because smoking and osteoporosis don’t mix well.  At all. Smokers increase their chances of developing osteoporosis regardless of when they acquired …

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Twenty fantastic facts about osteoporosis

20 Facts About Osteoporosis You Need To Know

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones where bone quality and density are reduced over time. The fragility of these bones increases the risk of fracture at the hip, spine, and wrist. A spine fracture can result in deformity through a hump, loss of height, and back pain. One well-known fact about osteoporosis is that …

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Graphic showing a magnified image of bone structure

A Quick And Painless Lesson On Osteoblasts And Osteoporosis

Unless you have a very specific job, osteoblasts probably don’t come up in conversation much. More than likely, the last time they came to mind was during a biology test years (maybe decades) ago. It’s ok. The information wasn’t necessary until now. However, if you’ve been diagnosed with Osteoporosis, are at risk for it, or …

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Two asian women demonstrating the use of hand weights to prevent osteoporosis

Overcoming an Osteoporosis Diagnosis

Did you recently get an Osteoporosis diagnosis?  Is it something you’ve been dealing with for years, or are you at risk? You are not alone. According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, an estimated 200 million people worldwide have Osteoporosis. Thirty percent of postmenopausal women in Europe and the US have been diagnosed. Out of the 10 …

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