Prone Alternating Arm and Leg Lift Exercise for Bone Health

Step 1

Lie on your stomach comfortably on a flat, supportive surface.

Step 2

Place your arms above your head, keeping your palms down.

Step 3

Slowly raise your left  arm and right leg off the ground, raising each  as high as your flexibility  allows.  Keep  your elbow  and knee straight.  Then slowly lower your arm and leg to the starting position to complete one repetition.  Repeat 9 more times to complete one set of 10 repetitions.

Step 4

Repeat the process and  perform 10  repetitions while  raising your other arm and leg.

You’ve completed this one!  Great job!

Drawing of a man demonstrating a prone alternating arm and leg raise exercise for osteoporosis prevention.

Watch A Video Demonstration

Watch Patrick in the video for the proper way to perform this exercise then click to take a class that integrates this with other important strengtheners from the Ostego plan.


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