The Importance Of Physical Activity In Osteoporosis. From The Molecular Pathways To The Clinical Evidence


Histology and Histopathology

Date Published

June  2016


Paola Castrogiovanni 1, Francesca Maria Trovato 2, Marta Anna Szychlinska 1, Houda Nsir 3, Rosa Imbesi 1 and Giuseppe Musumeci 1


Osteoporosis is a very common bone disorder characterized by low bone mass and signs of deterioration, responsible for bone fragility typical in this pathology. From the literature analyzed, in relation to the effects of physical activity on bone metabolism, it is shown that exercise acts on molecular pathways of bone remodeling involving all cellular types of bone tissue. In relation to clinical trials adopted in patients with osteoporosis, it is evident that a multi-component training, including aerobic activity and other types of training (resistance and/or strength exercises), is the best kind of exercise in improving bone mass and bone metabolism in older adults and especially osteopenic and osteoporotic women.

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