It’s what fuels our bodies and it gives us pleasure. What if we could do more to make food make us feel good? You can.

Your next bite could save your life.




chicken tenders with lemon and parsley

Lemon Chicken Bites

Have this Chinese chicken over rice or just by itself!

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Southwest-style Guacamole!

You can serve this spicy dish as a dip or as a first course on shredded lettuce.

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Black bean dip

Delicious, Nutritious Black Bean Dip

Serve this delicious and fresh bean dip minutes after blending with rice crackers or vegetables for a crunchy delight!

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How eating affects aging.

You Are What You Eat, And Eating Affects Aging

You Are What You Eat You probably heard your mother say it. Health gurus say it. You might even hear your conscience prod you with it. It’s annoying, it’s frustrating, and unfortunately, it’s very true. You are what you eat.  But did you know that eating affects aging? Most women dream of aging gracefully, but …

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Final product, mixed ingredients for antioxidant snack mix.

Anti-Aging Snack Mix Recipe

What if you could reach for a handful of HEALTHY! That’s right. This delicious snack mix tastes fantastic, will fill you up and will boost your free-radical fighting antioxidants. Just what you need to give your skin and bones what you need.

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Gorgeous chocolate souffles dusted with powdered sugar and currants can be a healthy treat

Decadent Dark Chocolate Antioxidant Soufflés

When dessert is this decadent, it’s hard to believe it can be good for you. But dark chocolate has a ton of antioxidants (even more than raspberries or blueberries) and, combined with the eggs, can be a delicious, nutritious treat.

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