Effects Of Resistance Exercise On Bone Health


Endocrinology and Metabolism

Date Published

December 2018


A Ram Hong 1 , Sang Wan Kim 2


The prevalence of chronic diseases including osteoporosis and sarcopenia increases as the population ages. Exercise training has been recommended as a promising therapeutic strategy to encounter the loss of bone and muscle mass due to osteosarcopenia. To stimulate the osteogenic effects for bone mass accretion, bone tissues must be exposed to mechanical load exceeding those experienced during daily living activities. Of the several exercise training programs, resistance exercise (RE) is known to be highly beneficial for the preservation of bone and muscle mass. Based on the available information, RE, either alone or in combination with other interventions, may be the most optimal strategy to improve the muscle and bone mass in postmenopausal women, middle-aged men, or even the older population.

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