Determining The Effects Of A 4-Week Structured Strength And Flexibility Exercise Program On Functional Status Of Subjects With Osteoporosis


HSS Journal

Date Published

22 May 2019


Payal Sahni & Jeri W. Nieves


Osteoporosis is a systemic disease resulting in low bone mineral density, increased risk of fractures, and falls, muscle weakness, and compromised balance. This study investigated the following question: In women with osteoporosis, will there be a greater improvement in balance, lower-extremity strength, mobility, and confidence in performing ambulatory activities after participating in a structured exercise program as compared to a control group (no exercise)?. 

The study showed improvement in balance and lower extremity strength in women with osteoporosis who attended the exercise program. There is data to support that bone health can be improved by exercise, nutrition, and medication. However, fear of sustaining a fracture can become a barrier to movement and exercise. This study showed that a structured exercise program with education on correct body mechanics improved balance and lower-extremity strength in individuals with osteoporosis. 

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