Front Arm Raise Exercise for Bone Health

Step 1

Hold weights in your hands.  These can be hand weights, soup cans, or plastic bottles of water.  If your are just beginning, you may choose to start with no weights and allow gravity to do the work.

Step 2

Begin with your hands at your sides.  Gradually bring your hands up until they are as close to parallel with your shoulders as possible.

Step 3

Then slowly return the weights to the starting position to complete one repetition.  Repeat 9 more times to complete one set of 10 repetitions.

You’ve completed this one!  Great job!

Demonstration of a front arm raise exercise for osteoporosis prevention

Watch A Video Demonstration

Watch Patrick in the video for the proper way to perform this exercise then click to take a class that integrates this with other important strengtheners from the Ostego plan.