Patrick Brown, founder of Ostego

Patrick Brown

Helping others is our foundation at OSTEGO. Founder and Coach Patrick Brown’s story explains why the goal of a million fewer fractures is important to all of us and how to take the next steps for your bone health.

I’m Patrick, and I want to welcome you to Ostego. The fact that you’re here means you’re looking for information to guide you toward a healthier life and I’m really glad.Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I’m not a doctor – but I AM a Certified Elite Fitness Trainer, a Certified Senior Fitness Coach and a Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist – and just as important as those credentials is how I got here.

I’ve spent my career organizing people, classes, organizations and events at companies like Disney and the 2004 Olympics and for my own companies. An entrepreneur at heart, I’ve built and sold companies focused on organization, fun, and fitness including a leading recreational sports league.

I’m passionate about my own fitness and, as a four-time IRONMAN triathlete, multiple marathon participant (including the New York City Marathon), and avid cyclist (in 2019 I rode a bicycle from San Francisco all the way to San Diego to support a charity that is important to me and so many – the Challenged Athlete’s Foundation) I understand movement.  And I’m here to tell you – after all of the miles of training and events, I definitely understand the limitations of the human body – especially as we age.

But I got really worried when Mary’s mom was injured and subsequently diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis.  It’s a hereditary disease and I want to make sure that we are taking the necessary steps to prevent bone loss for Mary and make sure her mother is getting the treatment she needs.

So after months of research about strengthening exercise that activates osteoblasts to encourage bone growth we decided to share the information with other people in need.

Everything you need for our OSTEGO Program is completely free. If you want to upgrade to more interesting and refreshed content or buy tools we think are helpful that’s up to you. But know that what’s really important to us is that you have the information you need to take gradual, positive steps for your health.

We hope you’ll join us – trust me. I’ll make it fun!